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Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

Dr Anita Nischal


You might be familiar with the biological process called Menstruation. It is a natural phenomenon that takes place in the female body where the uterus sheds its lining once a month. Mild or moderate pain along with menstrual cramps and discomfort are the common symptoms that are observed during this period. Most women can deal with it rightly while in some the process can be highly painful. This condition is called Dysmenorrhea.

What is Dysmenorrhea?

Usually, the condition where a female might be experiencing painful menstruation cycles every month is termed Dysmenorrhea. It can be bifurcated into two categories.

Primary Dysmenorrhea

It refers to the condition where females experience menstrual pain before and during the condition.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

If the female is experiencing normal menstruation cycles but somehow starts feeling pain in later stages of life then the condition is termed secondary Dysmenorrhea. The most common reasons behind this can be fibroid formation in the uterus or endometriosis.

What causes period or menstrual cramps?

During menstruation, the lining of the uterus sheds which causes bleeding in the female body. During the process of expelling the lining, the uterine walls have to undergo contractions that lead to the development of menstrual cramps in the body. Prostaglandins are responsible for triggering the muscles in uterine walls to contract and cause pain and inflammation.

The level of prostaglandins in the body during menstruation is directly proportional to the severity of muscle cramps.

The risk of menstrual cramps may increase in the cases of irregular periods or if puberty is initiated at an early age like 11. A family history of painful menstrual cramps can also lead to experiencing Dysmenorrhea.

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What are the symptoms of painful menstrual cramps?

Under normal conditions, the discomfort and pain might irritate and affect the mood of the females. However, in the cases of painful periods, the amount of pain taking place may hamper the routine activities of the individual. Some of the observant symptoms of painful menstrual cramps are:

  • The pain usually starts 1 or 3 days before the onset of the menstruation cycle. It reaches its peak within 24 hours and withers away gradually as the periods move towards the end.
  • An intense level of abdominal pain is experienced by the female body that might affect the day to day activities as well.
  • The pain can move towards the lower back and the thighs along with being dull and continuous.

Apart from this, some of the women may experience issues like headaches, nausea, dizziness, or even loose stools. If the symptoms begin to worsen, you may try opting for vitamins for menstrual cramps that may balance the condition.

CM Support: The Painful Period Cramps Reliever

Dysmenorrhea is a common condition that is being observed among females nowadays. There is a vast list of symptoms that start occurring with PMS. Some of them include bloating, and emotional imbalance including mood swings and cramps. To reduce the symptoms of PMS, there could be a focus on diet and consumption of the best vitamins for PMS. The use of CM Support for the same could help in dealing with the condition better.

CM Support By OjusLife

CM Support provides an efficient solution to deal with painful and irregular periods. The use of major ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, as well as Magnesium makes the supplement strong and effective for the body. There should be a good intake of a healthy diet along with vitamins to make sure that the body is not deprived of the required nutrients. Lack of nutrients can also lead to the severity of symptoms.

What are the Major Benefits?

The use of vitamins for PMS helps in reducing the symptoms like bloating and cramping along with allowing the muscles to relax. It also acts as a mood enhancer. It proves to be effective for Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and helps calm down in moments of anxiety.

Why Choose CM Support?

CM Support can help deal with the PMS symptoms and make sure that a female feels better in every way possible. It ensures that you can carry out your routine activities without much discomfort and use it for the betterment of your health.

Dysmenorrhea affects the body in diverse ways, and it has become important to pay attention to it. The symptoms must be observed and dealt with naturally with the primary focus on diet and lifestyle. The number of minerals and vitamins must be enough in the body to help with PMS symptoms. In case of deficit, one must opt for the best vitamins for PMS to achieve a healthy state.

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It is normal to have Dysmenorrhea before periods as the hormones like progesterone and estrogen may lead to cramping even a week before. Usually, the pain may occur 1 to 3 days in advance.


Often, periods may become painful for women after the age of 40 years. It could be due to conditions like fibroids or adenomyosis.


During the initial years, having irregular periods is normal or maybe more than that. However, prolonged issues can be treated using vitamin supplements as per the doctor’s consultation.


CM Support proves to be the best choice among vitamins for PMS that can be consumed by females. It helps in reducing the associated symptoms and makes the body more capable of handling pressure.


CM Support helps the uterine muscles to relax and therefore provides relief in dealing with the painful menstrual cramps. The symptoms can be reduced to a great extent due to the presence of some of the major ingredients like magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.