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Natural Ways to Increase Libido in Men & Women

Dr Anita Nischal


Did you ever feel that no matter how attracted you are to your partner or how much you love them, your libido still sometimes drags you down? Yes, a low sex drive can lead to havoc on your bedroom satisfaction.

Having a healthy sex life is a crucial part of living a well-balanced and happy lifestyle. Healthy sex life and increased sex drive are capable of diminishing stress, building a healthy relationship with your partner, and much more.

Also, women place more value on emotional connection as a reason for sexual desire and are heavily influenced by social and cultural factors as well. Though having a low sex drive is not necessarily a problem, but if a person wishes to increase sex drive, there are a range of effective natural ways to increase libido.

Let’s discuss in detail how to naturally increase sex drive.

What is Libido?

The word libido means sex drive. This is emotional or mental energy related to sex. Libido in a person is influenced by biological factors like testosterone and estrogen levels.

Everyone’s libido is different from each other, but most people observe libido decline or low sex drive as they age. About one-fourth of women at reproductive age and half of the postmenopausal women experience low sex drive or libido.

Many internal and external factors can influence your libido, from your hormone levels to your medications to your sleep habits and many more.

Symptoms of Low Sex Drive

While it is quite healthy for sexual desire to fluctuate, a woman who experiences a lack of sexual desire or sex drive for six months or more is the cause of concern.

If you notice diverse changes in sexual desire that it is affecting your relationships or self-esteem, it is time to look out for the natural ways to increase sex drive.

The symptoms of low sex drive are:

  • Lack of interest in sexual activity.
  • No sexual thoughts or fantasies at all
  • Lack of interest in initiating sex.
  • Getting no pleasure from sex.
  • No pleasurable sensation on stimulation of genitals.

Causes of Low Sex Drive

The various causes of low sex drive are psychological issues, medical problems, and hormonal causes. Few reasons could be negative earlier experiences. An example such as financial and or work-related stress, some kind of history of sexual abuse, or mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

Other causes include:

  • Low testosterone
  • Certain kind of medications
  • Chronic illness
  • Drugs abuse
  • RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)

6 Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive

Sex drive naturally varies from person to person. Having a low sex drive is not generally a health concern, but if you wish to know how to increase your libido, you can try various effective natural ways to increase libido.

Anxiety, relationship difficulties, health concerns, and age can all lead to low sex drive. Thus, look at the natural ways to increase sex drive below:

1. Stress Management

Yes, dealing with high levels of anxiety or stress is a barrier to sexual functioning and low libido in both males and females. Furthermore, this anxiety can be classified under life stress and specific sex-related anxiety.

If you are having an intense work schedule, or other life stresses you may feel fatigued leading to a low sex drive. However, there are numerous natural ways to increase sex drive that help people to manage their anxiety and boost their mental health, such as:·

  • Practicing good sleep
  • Making time for your hobby
  • Regular exercising
  • Eat Nutritious diet
  • Improve relationships with your partner
  • Talking to your therapist
  • Adapting good sleeping patterns

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2. Importance of foreplay

Getting better sexual experiences may increase sex drive, thereby boosting the libido. Also, people can boost their sexual experiences by investing more time in foreplay like touching, using sex toys, kissing, smooching, and indulging in oral sex.

For women particularly, foreplay is much especially part of increasing sex drive. As per reports, 18% of women orgasm from intercourse, while many others report an act of satisfaction after foreplay.

3. Quality sleep

A good night’s sleep can boost your overall mood and energy levels. Also, a good sleep pattern is a natural way to increase libido.

A recent study also reports that women following good sleep hygiene observe increased sex drive.

4. Communicate with partner

If you are experiencing low sex drive in your relationship, the best and natural way to increase sex drive is good communication with your partner. Talk more directly to settle any relationship stress or share your experiences, needs, and desires.

Along with this, while expressing empathy, you should understand concerns for your partners respectively. Talking more creates bridges the gap between mismatched sex drives and helps you naturally increase sex drive.

5. Join sex therapy

How to naturally increase sex drive is complex for many couples with both psychological and physical components? A physical condition that affects libido or low sex drive like diabetes.

So, sex therapy is a crucial strategy for increasing sex drive. Individual and professional counseling can help raise negative views related to sex, self-esteem, and other major causes of low libido, like depression and anxiety. Relationship counseling can help some people work on factors and lead to natural ways to increase libido.

Alongside conversing therapies, mindfulness therapy may also help you to increase sex drive. The sessions of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy improved sexual desire, sexual arousal, and sexual satisfaction for women and men.

6. Try herbal and natural remedies

Some plant-derived herbal supplements are natural ways to increase libido. OjusLife presents you with herbal supplements such as DHEA 25 mg, DHEA 5 mg, DHT Minus, E-DIM, and N-Adreve. The range of products formulated by herbal ingredients and regulates estrogen & testosterone levels in the body. Also, promoting sexual health these supplements are the best and natural ways to increase sex drive.

These supplements boost blood flow, which improves your erectile function and increases sex drive. The herbal plant-based sexual vitamins help with depression, obesity, lupus, & adrenal insufficiency, reduces natural changes in the body, and support stress & steroidal hormones.

Still, looking at how to naturally increase sex drive, check out the sexual health herbal supplements, or get in touch with proficient GYN- Dr. Anita Nischal via WHPWellness.

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Diet alone isn’t always enough to improve your sex life, while certain foods can keep your blood pumping and boost hormone levels. You may have to talk to your doctor if something is holding you back from enjoying an intimate relationship with your partner.

Many factors can lead to low sex drive in women and men, like whether or not you are in a happy relationship, the way you get along with your partner, body image satisfaction, dietary consumption, medication, depression or history of sexual abuse.

Increased levels of cortisol suppress our sex hormones, which can result in low sex drive or libido. Thus, getting involved in restorative practices like meditation and yoga can go a long way in diminishing cortisol levels and may answer your question of how to increase your libido.

Apart from this, certain herbs and supplements are natural ways to increase libido but if the problem persists, it is best to work with a doctor and ask how to increase your libido. Also, we can add detox supplements in our diet to cleanse our gut, which can further help to increase libido in men & women.

Foods that help increase sex drive are oysters, certain meat, apples, wine, chocolates, crabs, and nuts. These foods are natural ways to increase libido.


To increase sex drive, you must exercise, reduce stress, communicate with the partner, keep time aside for intimacy, and ditch bad habits.


The natural ways to increase sex drive are: start eating aphrodisiac fruits, eat chocolate, and boost your self-confidence. Other natural ways to increase sex drive are as follows.

  • Cutting back on your alcohol intake
  • reduced stress,
  • getting plenty of sleep, and
  • strengthening your relationships


There are not many reports about what specifically works for women but a few are such as eating apples. An apple a day reported to have a better sex life. A study concluded that fenugreek may have an effective treatment to increase female sex drive. Eating raw oysters is also helpful to increase sex drive. These are some natural ways to increase libido in women.


In addition to eating food like apples, fig, banana, potatoes, fenugreek, oysters, etc try other things like getting enough sleep, reduce stress levels, exercise and try yoga. Also, the natural way to increase libido in males is to reduce your masturbation.


To increase sex drive, you must eat foods and supplements that help boost libido. Some herbal supplements such as DHEA 25Mg, DHT Minus & N-Adreve are natural vitamins to increase libido in males. Also, these natural vitamins may treat low sex drive by improving and increasing sex drive.


Some of the helpful vitamins for women’s libido are vitamin E -a sex vitamin which not only pumps nether regions with blood and oxygen but also regulates the sex hormones. Another natural way to boost libido is by consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and B3.


The best natural libido booster is DHEA 25 mg (for men) and DHEA 5 mg ( for women) formulated by OjusLife. Having all-natural ingredients, this product is the best natural way to boost libido.


Adopt the following lifestyle choices to increase sex drive-

  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Do regular exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Limit alcohol, and
  • Reduce stress by practicing meditation


The pomegranate juice is often called natural Viagra as it is a rich source of antioxidants that increases blood flow through your genital area. Also, watermelon is the best and natural way to boost libido in men & women.


Eating Protein-rich diets is an excellent way to increase sex drive. Besides, you can add foods rich in B vitamins such as lean meat, fish, and poultry, eggs, peanut butter, avocado, fortified and enriched grains, milk and dairy products, and leafy green vegetables are the natural ways to boost libido.