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Mapping Acne Breakouts on Face & What these Indicates

Dr Anita Nischal


Acne breakout on your skin is a gentle reminder by your body that it needs extra care. Acne breakout is a skin condition that takes place when the hair follicles under the skin are clogged up with dead skin cells and extreme oil. It causes different kinds of skin inflammation like – zits, whiteheads, sores, and pimples that show up on various pieces of our body.

Acnes show up particularly on the face, shoulders, back, chest, neck, and upper arms. Skin inflammation or breakouts are extremely basic among youngsters, in spite of the fact that it can influence individuals, everything being equal.

Acne breakout can be obstinate, they recuperate gradually and if the condition remains, while one starts to mend, another begins to jump out. Contingent upon the seriousness, acne breakout can cause scars and enthusiastic pain.

What Causes Acne on Face?

Acne breakouts can be brought about by a few components. You can do a legitimate conclusion of your acne by acne face mapping dependent on the area of skin break out and attempt the remedies for skin break out. Human skin contains pores that are associated with oil organs underneath the skin. Follicles are little sacs filled with mystery fluid that associate these organs to the pores. Little hair penetrates through the follicle and out of the skin.

These organs produce sebum (a slick fluid), which helps dead skin cells move through these follicles to the upper surface of the skin. At this point when the attachment of skin cells, sebum, and hair together gets tainted, microbes bring about expansion and a pimple begins to develop when this fitting begins to separate.

The Propionibacterium acne (P. acne) microbes live on the outside of the skin and cause pimples. However, the seriousness and recurrence of skin inflammation depend on these microbes as well as on a few other factors too.

Acne Face Chart

Skin inflammation or acne breakouts can be brought about by numerous individuals outside variables and hereditary issues. Most common skin inflammation causes are pubescence, stress, period, lack of rest, hormonal changes, and food hypersensitivities. So there can be many acne reasons from certain underlying health problems.

Hormonal factors additionally trigger skin inflammation. The ascent in estrogens levels additionally causes extreme acne breakouts. Apart from medicine containing androgen and lithium, cruel makeup and face cream likewise causes skin break out.

Sudden Acne Breakouts on Face & their Meaning

Take a look at where you’re breaking out. There is a hypothesis called “acne face planning” that recommends the acne area of your skin break out and could introduce signs about what’s causing it.

Conventional Chinese medication, for instance, keeps up that a shortcoming in a specific organ or organ in the body can bring about acne breakout appearing in specific territories of the skin. You can utilize this hypothesis to accomplish that some criminologists take a shot at your breakouts.


Here, acne breakouts are normally connected to the stomach-related framework and may demonstrate that you’re struggling to separate certain nourishments. It might likewise show liver issues, stress, or an unpredictable rest plan.

Between the foreheads

Oily, greasy nourishments might be associated with acne breakouts here. Another conceivable reason—an excessive amount of liquor.


Coming into contact with contaminated air may be the cause behind the acne breakouts appearing here. Besides, sensitivities that influence the respiratory framework may likewise be to be faulted, or in the event that you squeezed your pimple against your skin, germs may have been moved to your face.


Jawline acne breakouts regularly come around in view of changes in your hormones. A long time before your period, attempt to give additional consideration to your healthy skin.

Acne Breakout Chart

The modern version of the conventional acne face mapping technique was launched by the skincare brand Dermalogica. Face is once again split into acne areas and each area is considered by a trained professional.

Here’s what each acne areas is supposed to indicate:

Acne Area: The forehead

The acne breakouts here point to a possible problem with the bladder or digestive system. Breakouts here can also be the result of poor diet and lack of water.

Furthermore, it is also a sign of improper makeup or harmful shampoo or products that are clogging your pores.

Acne Area: Between the eyebrows

The acne breakouts here are linked to your liver. Avoid glut alcohol, rich foods, and late-night eating, also, check for food allergies, chiefly lactose intolerance.

Acne Area: The cheeks

Correlated to the respiratory system, smoking or any kind of allergies may lead to broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, or common congestion.

Acne Area: The eyes

Kidneys are associated with the eyes. Dark circles and puffiness can be a symbol of dehydration or an imbalanced diet.

Acne Area: The nose

Broken capillaries in the region of your nose can have an easy cause, like deeply squeezing acne breakouts to the environment or genetics.

Acne Area: The chin

Acne breakout here can be related to a hormonal imbalance. The centre of the chin is also linked to the small intestine, so dietary exertions or food allergies may be the reason for any acne breakout.

Acne Area: The upper lip

The upper lip is linked with the reproductive system. Pigmentation or extreme hair growth here is thought to be a consequence of a hormonal imbalance.

Acne Area: The jawline

This area is connected to the ovaries and acne breakouts occur here before the menstruation in almost half of all women with the condition.

Acne breakout here can also be inclined by reasons such as improperly removing makeup, irritating or pore-clogging ingredients in cosmetics, and steady touching of the area.

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Logical examinations rather propose that having an acne breakout chart on specific zones of the face might be because of microscopic organisms, overabundance oil creation, hormonal changes, or outside components, for example, the utilization of waxy hair items.

Making some lifestyle changes, rehearsing great healthy skin, and attempting skin medicines may all assist clear skin and reduction of acne face chart.

Also, you can take herbal and natural supplements for acne control to reduce the impact of acne breakouts. For a healthy digestive tract- you can consume Probiotic or GI Restore. For the overall well-being of the body, we suggest Multivitamin.

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Acne breakout on the lower cheek, jawline, and chin are the result of “hormonal pattern.” Acne face chart is often caused by your skin’s oil glands overreacting to hormonal responses, which can be forced by aspects like stress, sugar consumption, or imbalance diet.


Acne breakout on the forehead may indicate poor digestive health, liver problems, stress, or an uneven sleep schedule.


Adopt some of the home remedies like apply green tea, make a honey mask, apply aloe vera. Also, you can take fish-oil and zinc natural supplements.


Acne breakouts on the chin are caused by the fluctuations in the hormones.