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How Effective Corporate Wellness Program Boosts Employee Productivity

Dr Anita Nischal


Yes, there are numerous reasons to incorporate a Corporate Wellness Program which boosts employee productivity. Today’s corporate fitness programs offer benefits such as enhancement in employee health behaviors, improvement in employee productivity, reduction in healthcare costs, reduction in health risks, and reduction in employee absenteeism.

With the help of this article, let’s dive into the employee health and wellness programs and the benefits of the same.

What are Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate wellness programs are developed to support and encourage a composite approach to employee wellbeing. This is achieved by creating an organizational culture of health. A Company Wellness Programs cultivates healthy habits amongst employees and improves the health benefits. This is achieved with increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments, and boosting employee engagement.

Corporate wellness programs are important because many chronic diseases are preventable and are an influential way to educate employees on the importance of creating healthy habits. Employers are expanding their company wellness programs approach from one size fits all, to a program that is tailored to the individual.

It takes time to build a successful corporate wellness program as it includes a wellness solution that is embedded in the culture of the organization. Employee health & wellness programs continually evolve to meet the needs of employees to achieve their wellness goals, eventually supporting the goals of the business.

Healthier employees will help cut the healthcare costs with a positive impact on the bottom line. A robust corporate wellness program helps the organization with a competitive edge that is required to attract and retain top talent.

What are the Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs?

In order to improve employee health and also to help individual employees overcome particular health-related problems, Employee health & wellness programs are undertaken by an employer. The employer can do one of the few things like compulsory employee training, staff seminars, or even to work with a third-party provider to help with a variety of wellness initiatives for employees. The main benefits of Company wellness programs are as follows:

Benefit #1: Reduced health costs

Benefit #2: Higher engagement

Benefit #3: Improved productivity

Benefit #4: Higher employee satisfaction

Benefit #5: Reduced absenteeism

Benefit #6: Retain top performers

Reasons Having a Wellness Program is Helpful for Employees?

There are many ways in which corporate wellness programs can help enhance employee health. There are many wellness programs that have been used by various worksites. A few of the reasons corporate wellness programs are helpful to an employee are as follows:

1. Improves Employees’ Productivity

This is one of the obvious benefits of implementing these programs. Health and productivity are directly proportional to each other. Statistics reveal that healthy employees perform much better than their peers who are not. A reduced number of employees will take sick days and improve the efficiency of the team.

2. Improved Social Interactions

Company wellness programs promote collaboration among the employees because most of the activities conducted are done as a group or team. Employees get an opportunity to know each other better and build strong bonds. Employees’ creativity and teamwork are improved in the workplace.

A positive work environment is built and helps single people find more inspiration by improving their relationships from outside work. A good employee health and wellness program encourages staff to connect and participate in social events. Because employees are having healthy social interactions at work, they also enjoy what they do resulting in a happier work life.

3. Improves Employee Retention Rates

Employee wellness programs increase the ability to retain employees. Various surveys report that employees from companies that support wellness programs are more satisfied than their peers in those that haven’t implemented wellness programs. Having a wellness at work program makes a company stand out from its competitors. It helps employees feel valued, appreciated, and that they are cared for.

4. Reduces Elevated Health Risks

In addition to reducing healthcare costs, wellness at work programs reduce health risks. According to several studies, most of the participants of a corporate wellness program improve their health risk status within one year. By incorporating employees’ wellness programs, you will get to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes. Healthy employees bring about the success of the company.

5. Reduces the Mental Health Stigma

With wellness at work programs, employees who experience difficult mental health issues or work-related stress can improve their condition by participating. The program normalizes discussions on mental health, thus reducing the stigma associated with the issue. They can then get the required counselling and other resources.

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6. Reduces Absenteeism

Regularly absent employees in any company lead to a lot of work being pending as well as missed appointments and deadlines. It also results in other employees having to work in their place, leading to loss of productivity. However, a corporate wellness program can deduct the number of employees taking leave from work. Wellness programs promote safe health behaviours of employees and a happy workforce.

7. Increases Adaptability to Change

It is observed that when employees are engaged in wellness at work programs, they adapt to changes easily. According to research, those who participated in wellness programs are 45% more likely to adapt to change than their counterparts who don’t have the opportunity to do so

Employees who are engaged in wellness programs, whenever a new situation occurs, with no hesitation, such employees will be ready to rise to the occasion and save the day. As a result of corporate wellness programs, the performance and productivity of the company will improve.

How is Corporate Wellness Program is Beneficial for Organization & Economy?

Corporate Wellness Programs, if implemented successfully result in many benefits to the organization as well as to the overall economy of the country by making employees, also citizens of the country, happy and more productive.

The tangible health care cost savings were seen for the disease management component to the studied wellness program resulting in a good amount of savings. A recent study also shows that ROI be attained through employee wellness programs, particularly for high health risk employees (with body fat, high anxiety levels, blood pressure, and other measures).

The wellness initiatives for employees result in various hardcore financial numbers. A more comprehensive picture of the ROI for employee wellness programs can be seen if we look at its impact on culture, engagement, and productivity.

It’s also important to remember that success is not achieved overnight. However, if one invests in a configurable, results-driven corporate wellness program that is right for a company’s workforce, goals, needs, and one devotes time to communicating clearly and regularly about the program, one will see benefits in the long run.

Examples of Corporate Wellness Programs

These are some of the best corporate wellness programs as examples:

1. Take Meditation Breaks

Taking 5 minute daily meditation breaks for all employees and meditating as a company can surely give new heights to Company and employees as well.

2. Paramedical Services

Paramedical Services, like massage therapy, are offered by many companies to their team members while they’re at work.

3. Yoga classes

Yoga classes for its employees is definitely a great example of wellness initiatives for employees. Space and peaceful ambiance are the most important requirements for practising Yoga. There are many companies that are using their conference halls or break rooms to schedule yoga classes for their respective team members throughout the workday.

4. Healthy lunch & snacks

Since only 30 minutes are available for lunch, many team members think to eat fast food while buying their lunch. Opening up a fitness lunch to the team members which is quite good enough time to hit the gym, play a sport or go home for a healthy homemade food for lunch.

5. Holistic Approach to Wellness

Wellness is an overall approach and it means taking care of both, the body and the mind as well.

An excellent company wellness programs support to deal with issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse. There is a method of rewarding Employees for setting their wellness goals and then accomplishing them.

The corporate wellness program by WHPWellness covers all aspects of an individual such as emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, environmental wellbeing and nutritional wellbeing. By enrolling in their 1-360 Wellness Assessments, you can take the employee wellness journey to the next level.

What makes this wellness program great?

Employees who require assistance outside the workplace get the extra help they need to perform at their best. By going the extra mile and extending such support initiatives, organizations do communicate a certain level of empathy and support for their people and thereby boosting employee satisfaction, workforce morale.

The idea here is to not be rigid in the ways in which employees can spend their off time. Everyone gets energized in different ways and finds out what are those various ways through which one can improve the mental wellness and productivity of employees.

The Best Wellness Programs During COVID Times

The best wellness programs have the ability to offer virtual wellness to the people involved in it. The Wellness of the employees doesn’t have to stop because it is on lock down, instead we need to pull up our socks during these tough times.

For the same, you can visit WHPwellness and learn how to take care of your employees from the inside out.

Benefits of the company wellness program are lower healthcare costs, sense of accomplishment, improved physical fitness, weight loss, less stress, healthier habits, fun, improved productivity, happier bonds, and community.


Assistance programs, healthy lunch, and snacks are some of the major examples of wellness initiatives for employees.


The wellness programs upsurge more productivity, provide high employee morale, improve recruitment and retention of employees, reduced absenteeism, reduced health risks, and building camaraderie among workers.


The major purpose of corporate fitness programs is to increase the productivity of the company and the wellness of the employees.


It improves employees’ productivity, improves focus, increases employee engagement, and uplift social interactions.