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7 Foods that Cause Inflammation

Dr Anita Nischal


In the United States, seven of the 10 reasons for death have been associated with reactions caused by inflammatory foods. Inflammation is defined as the body’s reaction to injury or wound, and it enables your body to recuperate and fix. Our food choices can quietly trigger this normal reaction pointlessly.

The foods that cause inflammation can lead to cancer and increases the risk of coronary illness, malignant growth, type-2 diabetes, and liver issues also. These might likewise affect your joint causing joint pain over the long haul. Studies show that eating inflammatory foods also leads to heartburn or indigestion. Also, your skin could even be impacted with an uptick in skin breakout.

What are Inflammatory Foods?

Inflammation is the body’s way of healing cell damage. But in overdrive, it becomes hazardous and can direct to problems such as arthritis, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Here are some of the inflammatory foods:

  • Added sugars– Like cookies, candies, some cereals, granola bars, salad dressings, and crackers!
  • Trans fats- You can find them in restaurant foods and baked goods.
  • Red & processed meats- Red meat comes from cows, pigs, sheep, and goats.
  • Omega-6s- Foods rich in omega 6s include Canola oil, Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Mayonnaise, and Peanut oil.
  • Refined carbs- Breads and rolls, French fries, Sugary cereals, and White rice are examples of refined carbohydrates.

Signs of Inflammation

The major symptoms that may be signs of acute inflammation are:

  • Redness
  • Heat
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

The other possible symptoms of foods that cause inflammation in the body are- not being able to shift an inflamed joint correctly, having a poorer sense of smell during a cold, or finding it harder to breathe when you have bronchitis

7 Foods that Might be Causing Inflammation

The foods you eat can considerably affect inflammation in your body. Here are 7 foods that cause inflammation in the body.

1. Liquor

What most of us don’t know is that drinking alcohol in excess will likewise make inflammation and disturb your liver, throat, and even your larynx. Over an all-inclusive timeframe, drinking a lot can cause tumor development in a part of your body that reliably experiences aggravation and bothering.

2. Processed Food

In the last three decades, more counterfeit additives have been added to our food. A portion of these fixings, for example, MSG and aspartame, comprise synthetic compounds that have been demonstrated to be poisonous to our sensory system.

3. Cooking Oils

Numerous oils utilized today for cooking are advanced as solid since they may be “vegetable oils.” Unfortunately, the greater part of these oils is undesirable since they don’t have an appropriate Omega 6 to Omega 3. The ideal proportion is 4:1 (omega 6-3) to give the fundamental unsaturated fats required for our bodies to work appropriately.

4. Gluten

In the ongoing years, there has been a great deal of data accessible with respect to gluten. Majority of the people think this applies carefully to those with celiac infection, however that isn’t true. The vast majority have some response to gluten, and many are unconscious of how touchy their bodies are to gluten until they cut it out of their eating regimen for half a month and feel the distinction in their bodies. Gluten affectability is known to cause inflammation in the body.

Gluten, a protein discovered basically in wheat, rye, grain, and most grains, is something the vast majority of us expend consistently. Throughout recent years, wheat has been a suggested aspect of our eating regimens and the essential donor of gluten to our weight control plans.

Numerous individuals are ignorant that since the 70’s wheat has been drastically changed, lighted with gamma beams, and purposely transformed to create another sort of wheat that is around 2 feet shorter, yet with a much bigger seed head to deliver a better return.

5. Fatty Acids and Hydrogenated Oils

Trans-unsaturated fats and hydrogenated oils contain synthetic compounds that will expand your degrees of terrible cholesterol (LDL). At the same time, these will bring down your degrees of good cholesterol (HDL), which has been demonstrated to build the irritation in the body and be a significant reason for coronary illness and different issues.

6. Refined Sugars

Sugar is a known reason for irritation in the body and is connected to significant medical issues, for example, diabetes, weight, liver harm, and other constant illnesses. We realize sugar plays significant fixing in treats, pastries, bites, soft drinks, and natural product juices, yet sugar likewise stows away under the name high fructose corn syrup.

Studies have indicated high fructose corn syrup to be more harmful than sugar and ought to be stayed away from. Sugar is additionally masked on marks under the names of corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, and maltose.

7. Feedlot Raised Meat (Grain-Fed Meat)

‘Grain-took care’ of hamburgers does not have the sustenance and nature of ‘grass-took care’ of the meat. The conditions ‘grain-took care’ of creatures are brought up in business meat makers and feedlots, produce items that are lower quality, contain less sustenance, and have more provocative consequences for our bodies.

Monetarily raised creatures are normally ‘grain-took care’ of and kept in close nooks, making them have not just overabundance fat (consequently more soaked fat in our food items), yet in addition slims down high in omega-6 unsaturated fats and low in omega-3 unsaturated fats.

Say No to Dairy Products too!

Also, another inflammatory food you must avoid is dairy products. The consumption of the same can lead to bloating, gas, diarrhea, and pain during the process of digestion. And, allergy to lactose results in glucose, which has the potential to alter the microbiome, enhances blood sugar, and causes systemic inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory Diet Plan

To lessen levels of irritation, focus on a general solid eating regimen. In case you’re searching for an eating plan that intently follows the precepts of mitigating eating, think about the inflammatory foods to avoid, which are high in natural products, vegetables, nuts, entire grains, fish, and solid oils.

Adding turmeric in your daily diet is an effective remedy to prevent inflammation. Turmeric is one of the important spices added in Indian dishes. In India, the use of turmeric is not only limited to food, but also abundantly used as an antiseptic and immunity booster. If you aren’t an Indian cuisine lover, you might be lacking this important anti-inflammatory food in your diet. Why not add it as a part of your daily supplementation?

Turmeric supplement from the house of OjusLife is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that enhances immunity and supports microbiome diversity.

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Notwithstanding bringing down inflammation, a more characteristic, prepared inflammatory foods list and avoid certain kinds of foods that can cause inflammation. A sound eating regimen is useful not just for decreasing the danger of persistent ailments, yet additionally for improving temperament and by and large personal satisfaction.

More Recommendations against Inflammatory Foods

A calming diet may help lessen irritation and improve indications of some normal ailments, for example, rheumatoid joint inflammation, which inflammatory foods cannot.

There is no single calming diet, yet an eating regimen that incorporates a lot of new foods grown from the ground, entire grains, and refreshing fats may help oversee inflammation.

Any individual who has an ongoing ailment that includes inflammation ought to get some information about the best dietary choices for them and must avoid inflammatory foods.

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The eggs are a great source of vitamin D, which modulates the inflammatory response in rheumatoid arthritis. Thus, eggs are one of the best anti-inflammatory foods.


Yes, eating too much added sugar can lead to inflammation as sugar is an inflammatory food.


The inflammatory foods list consist of sugar, refined carbohydrates, red meat, shortening, French fries, lard amongst others.


Know the inflammatory foods and make inflammatory foods lists that cause inflammation in the body. Apart from this, control blood sugar, manage stress, and make time to exercise.


As per the research, both processed and red meats are high in saturated fat and are considered as inflammatory foods that cause inflammation in the body.