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6 Ways Your Mind Can Transform Your Body

Dr Anita Nischal


Have you ever experienced exasperation or disappointment in your life? Does it appear like everybody else is going swifter toward their aspirations and with more ease as compared to you? You are perhaps thinking what is wrong with you? Why do you work so hard and still not be able to accomplish your goals?

Well, the answer is easy: your belief system and intuitive mind require mind-body healing. Negative, self-defeating opinions are the core cause of a sedentary lifestyle. You can change your brain, heal your mind with more positive, efficient thoughts and renovate your lifestyle.

Everybody appreciates that it is vital to have a healthy body to live a long, beneficial life, but have you ever considered your brain health? How can you fuel up your brain and have positive healing thoughts?

Well, you could stack up against your life with caffeine and energy drinks for a short-term boost, but in the end, you need to heal your body with food. So, let us look at some sure-fire ways to enhance your brain health.

Can the Brain Heal Itself?

Yes, researchers say that in many cases after the stroke, the brain can heal itself. In many cases when deprived of the blood or damaged nerve cells. A stroke is triggered when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked or bursts. However, brain cells that are damaged can be repaired. They can regenerate. When physical and mental changes occur, damaged cells heal themselves. The brain is a fighter and does heal itself. Also, with positive healing thoughts, not only your mind, but your body also heals.

Can the Body Heal Itself?

The body is a self-healing organism. It can heal without drugs and or surgery. When we abuse our bodies or become sick, body cells can be damaged or destroyed, sometimes large in numbers. However, these cells are designed to heal or replace themselves, keeping the body functioning at the required levels. Despite the body’s amazing self-healing capability, sometimes it needs little help. We can provide this help in the number of ways by:

  • Maintaining Proper Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Wound closure to help in the healing process

This can lead to changing your brain and healing your mind.

6 Ways To Use Your Mind To Change Your Body

Here, you check out some of the best ways, which can help you to change your brain and heal your mind. These ways are as follows:

1. Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking or positive healing thoughts are an attitude where we focus on the good part of any situation. It can have a big impact on physical and mental health. This does not mean that we ignore the situation but see the good in that to do well in life. Various research shows that a positive healing thought can help in mind-body healing. A positive attitude helps reduce the effect of stress. Positive thoughts have many benefits:

  • Long life
  • Lower chances of heart attack
  • Better physical health
  • Good immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better stress management
  • Better pain tolerance
  • More creativity
  • Greater problem solving
  • Better coping skills
  • Less depression

2. Meditation

The benefits of meditation and many are backed by science. Long-term meditation can induce permanent physiological changes. Meditation can change the body’s response to stress. Meditation has been established as a process that relaxes the mind and body and is used as a means to reduce the related stress that modern life offers.

It also improves the immune system which then helps the body to fight off diseases and drastically reduces the emotional distress and activity of viruses. Meditation helps in reducing anxiety, irritability, and despair. Also, aids in developing determination, willpower, and emotional stability, you can gain a new perspective on life and gain a greater understanding of life, our purpose, and our existence.

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Moreover, meditation induces a greater level of spiritual enthusiasm and brings in harmony between the body, spirit and your mind leading to an improvement in your overall mental health.

3. Heal the Spirit, Your Body will Follow

Our body and soul are united. If the soul hurts, the body will hurt and vice versa. So, if we heal our spirit, the body will automatically be taken care of. When we are deciding, sometimes we seem torn between what we are supposed to you and what we would like to do? We are not able to live an authentic life. Is there a conflict between our evolving spirit and traditional beliefs?

Some traditional beliefs can challenge our intuitive choices causing dissatisfaction, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and eventually physical illness. Healing the spirit means creatively rewriting our tribal beliefs in the area of work, marriage, health, and success in a way that harmonizes with our spirits, talents, secret wishes, and individuality. We need to work on healing our spirit and impact can clearly be shown in the body. Thus, mind-body healing is possible under this.

4. Healing Your Body with Balanced Diet

Healing your body with food and a balanced diet leads to a stronger immune system and promotes mind-body healing. A well-balanced diet includes a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables, sources of protein like fish and poultry, whole grains, nuts, beans, and low-fat dairy, and much more.

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5. Take Vitamins for Mental Health

Yes, for mind-body healing, you can take certain vitamins and minerals, which are important to your brain health. B-12 and B-6- these vitamins help produce chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions, and low levels of these vitamins cause depression and anxiety.

We at OjusLife, recommend some herbal and natural supplements to boost your brain health. Our mental health supplements include-

These are formulated with herbal ingredients and are gluten-free & NON-GMO. Apart from positive healing thoughts, you must consume these healthy herbal supplements to uplift your mental health.

6. Regular Exercising

As we all know, physical exercise is very much crucial for the overall health of an individual. Exercise does not only promote a healthier body, but recent research has shown that physical exercise also benefits your brain. It can change your brain and heal your mind. Also, research shows that exercise also releases certain chemicals in the brain that make us feel happy and satisfied.

More Recommendations for Self-Healing

Self-healing also requires confession and dialogue with self. So many times, we hurt others and separation, or conflict happens. Even if partners drift apart, they should talk to themselves about various things that they are sorry about or could have done differently. In case the other partner is not available, one should talk to self and express the love and regret. This goes a long way in healing self and others.

You can sleep, drink more water, eat nutrient-dense food, be positive, and exercise routinely.


The human body is a marvel and designed to heal itself. If we break a bone, the body immediately starts producing new cells to heal the damage. When skin is cut, platelets in our blood clot to stop the bleeding, white blood cells remove the dead, injured cells and new healthy cells repair the damaged tissue.


Set aside a place to meditate, sit comfortably on a chair or floor with your back straight, close your eyes, or focus on some object, breathe gently, slowly, and deeply. Keep your mind focused inward or on the object. Try meditating for at least 10 minutes in a day.


Positive healing thoughts are the best self-healing techniques. Also, you can heal your body with food.


Engage your body in mental conservations about the need for the two to cooperate and overcome the ailment. Change conversation by using different thoughts and words. This will achieve dynamic healing responses in the body.