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5 Easy Peasy Tips To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne

Dr Anita Nischal


Most of us have experienced those pesky, painful, and nasty pimples that appear at the worst times. Many believe that acne is linked with age factors only, but no, there are several reasons for acne. Let us discuss hormonal acne and some major ways of how to get rid of hormonal acne.

Around 40 to 50 million people in the United States are affected by hormonal acne. Hormonal acne is exactly what it sounds like- acne is related to fluctuations in your hormones.

Women are more prone to hormonal acne from puberty to menopause. As per a study, 50 % of women in their 20s suffer from acne. And it affects about 25% of women in the age group of 40-49. Menstruation and menopause are two common factors among various others.

During puberty, hormonal acne often appears on the forehead, nose, and chin. Typically, the lower part of the face is affected by Hormonal adult acne. That is at the bottom of your cheeks and around the jawline. In some people, hormonal acne takes the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and small pimples that soon convert into a cyst.

About Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne forms because of variations in the levels of hormones in our body. Although it is naturally linked with hormone fluctuations in puberty, yet it can impact people of any age group.

It is common and predictable as its outbreak usually occurs at the same time during periods. It affects everything from appearance to self-confidence. Minimizing the effects of the outbreak, it’s possible to control hormonal acne.

All acne is hormonal. Acne occurs when your body produces an increased number of certain hormones (testosterone and androgen) that increase the production of sebum. Sebum is a form of oil that our body uses to lubricate our skin. Extra sebum can clog hair follicles and cause you to develop acne, whereas normal sebum production keeps your skin fresh, smooth, and healthy.

5 Hormonal Acne Remedies

To prevent hormonal acne, you can follow some exceptionally easy hormonal acne remedies. Check them out below:

1. Apple cider vinegar

One of the major hormonal acne solutions is apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Mix 3 parts of water with one part of apple cider vinegar and apply to the affected area. Leave it on for about 20 seconds and wash it off with water.

2. Green tea bags

Instead of throwing away used green tea bags, rub them gently on your face. The antioxidants can remove toxins from your skin and help lower sebum production and control hormonal acne.

3. Sugar – yogurt scrub

Add a teaspoon of sugar to two teaspoons of yogurt and use this natural scrub to remove the dead skins and dirt deposit on top of your skin. This is the best measure of how to get rid of hormonal acne.

4. Aloe Vera

Remove the peel, directly apply it to your face, and gently massage the gel into the skin. The ingredients of aloe vera gel such as Salicylic acid and Sulphur helps to combat acne and moisturizes the face without making it oily, leading to the prevention of hormonal acne.

5. A Citric Mask

Mix lemon juice and orange juice as a hormonal acne remedy, apply on the affected area, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it with water.

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Tips To Prevent Hormonal Acne

  • Wash your face often and after sweating as acne-prone skin is sensitive. Washing your face helps control hormonal acne.
  • Stop scrubbing as that can irritate acne-prone skin, which worsens acne.
  • Use skin care products and cosmetics that are included in hormonal acne remedies.
  • Avoid touching, pushing, and popping your acne. Popping a pimple may look tempting and the best way to clear it but it can make acne worse.
  • Major hormonal acne remedies are to apply acne medication on all acne-prone skin, not just your blemishes.
  • To prevent hormonal acne, wash your pillowcases, hats, and other things that tap your acne-prone skin. Also, changing your sheets every week and your pillowcase three times a week is the preferable hormonal acne solution.

OjusLife’s Potion Versus Hormonal Acne

We all are acquainted with the saying, that “beauty comes from the inside out.” Apart from decent mental health, it requires the proper nutrients and the usage of the right topical skin vitamins that can help you in glowing skin.

Although the market is swamped with skin vitamins, you must look out for herbal vitamins for skin containing natural ingredients which do not include any side effects. The herbal health supplements by OjusLife are not only best in providing glowing skin but are vegan and formed from natural herbs.

One such supplement is PureCollagen, as we all know that Collagen is the most vital ingredient of your skin. And, it helps in strengthening skin, benefits elasticity, hydration and provides hormonal acne solutions. Also, it offers a superior amount of biotin and has a definite enhancement in supporting healthy skin.

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Also, trouble in your gastrointestinal tract can lead to gas & cramping, poor skin health, weight gain, and even mental disorders. Thus, if you want to know how to get rid of hormonal acne, keep your gut healthy. For that, take our GI Restore supplement that regulates hormonal secretion, uplifts mood, and supports a healthy weight.

GI Restore is an anti-aging nutritional formulation produced to focus on immune tasks, maintain normal inflammatory balance, reinforce gastrointestinal barrier function, and prevent hormonal acne.

There are four main reasons behind the formation of acne:

  • Production of the hormone testosterone during puberty. This causes greasy skin because it results in increased production of sebum.
  • The hair follicle becomes blocked, forming clogged pores.
  • Clogged pores can be made worse by bacterial infection.
  • Inflammation occurs as the immune system reacts to the bacteria. Try hormonal acne remedies!


In some cases, plant-based treatment options can be used to clear up mild hormonal acne. Tea tree oil works by decreasing inflammation. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) derived mostly from citrus fruits can help remove excess dead skin cells clogging pores. Inflammation in the body reduces due to intake of Green Tea that can prevent hormonal acne.


Hormonal acne occurs more often in women and is usually located on the lower part of the face, along the jawline and chin. Teenagers tend to have these on the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). You can follow hormonal acne remedies to control acne.


Hormonal acne lasts around 2-3 weeks. You can also control hormonal acne by taking the required measures.


Hormonal acne generally opens in the course of puberty (ages of 10 and 13) and acne majorly appears in people with oily skin. Teenage acne usually lasts for five to 10 years, normally going away during the early 20s. To stop acne, you can adopt hormonal acne remedies.


Hormonal acne occurs when you are not in your teen years. One of the main signs of a hormonal breakout is its location on the face normally around your lower face, especially the chin or jawline area.

In addition, hormonal acne often appears in cyclical patterns like menstrual cycles. And there are hormonal acne solutions that you can take. While regular acne can appear anytime- anywhere and does not last long.