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  • Helps to reduce the symptoms of SIBO
  • Boosts gastrointestinal flora
  • Safeguard immune system

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SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) generally occurs when there is a surgery or disease, which reduces the enactment of food and waste products in the digestive tract, forming a breeding base for bacteria. Further, the extra bacteria often trigger diarrhea and may lead to weight loss and malnutrition. Also, evolving research, however, reveals that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) could be liable for up to 84% of IBS issues.

Apart from this, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) arises when there is an abnormal growth in the overall bacterial population in the small intestine, especially kinds of bacteria not usually found in that part of the digestive tract. This situation is at times known as blind loop syndrome. Although SIBO is regularly a problem of stomach (abdominal) surgery, this ailment can also cause structural problems and some diseases. And sometimes surgery is required to stop the problem. The major signs and symptoms of SIBO often comprise:

Loss of appetite
Abdominal pain
An unpleasant feeling of fullness after eating
Unintended weight loss

The human gut flora includes 10 times more bacteria as compared to the body has cells, but the mass of these bacteria should be situated in the colon. Too many bacteria, even of a non-pathogenic nature, grow over in the small intestines can give rise to a variety of digestive and systemic symptoms as well as nutritional flaws. So, OjusLife formulates herbal and natural SIBO vitamins including Tulsi. 

The best vitamins for gut health provide a mixture of three crucial oils that act in synergy to stimulate healthy microbial balance and immune support. Prepared to boost gastrointestinal flora by improving immune function, Tulsi-SIBO vitamins comprise thyme, oregano, and clove oils. The best vitamins for gut health have been used for centuries to elevate microbial balance and to assist safeguard the immune system from microbial stressors
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Dimensions: 2.38 in x 2.38 in x 4.24 in

Weight: 6 oz

Servings: 90 CT


Thyme Oil, Thymol, Clove Oil, Eugenol, Oregano Oil, Carvacrol


Question: How do I reduce the symptoms of SIBO naturally?

Incorporating probiotic supplements, the best vitamins for gut health, and probiotic-rich foods in your diet helps in reducing the SIBO symptoms. Also, you must drink more water and take SIBO vitamins to reduce the pain and ease digestion. 

Question: Does SIBO ever go away?

Yes, SIBO can be cured. SIBO is routinely cured and often stays away for prolonged periods of time by taking SIBO vitamins. To keep your SIBO symptoms away, follow the healthy diet clubbing with the best vitamins for gut health. 

Question: Can SIBO cause vitamin deficiency?

Yes, SIBO can lead to mild diarrhea and minimal vitamin deficiencies such as malabsorption and neuropathies. To avoid any kind of vitamin deficiencies, take SIBO vitamins, and the best vitamins for gut health. 

Question: How Tulsi is effective against SIBO?

The herbal and natural SIBO vitamins include Tuls as a supplement by OjusLife. The best vitamins for gut health is a blend of three vital oils that act in synergy to control healthy microbial balance and immune support.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Ojus supplements are approved and tested by a doctor. Our products are produced by USP-certified manufacturers in the U.S. A. Our doctors have chosen each of our supplements to ensure they are formulated with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and botanicals in their most digestible and effective form.


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Ira N.
Healed Chronic Heartburn

I used to get heartburn after everything that I ate! Now my digestive system is indestructible, spicy food, sour food, I could eat a lemon and I wouldn't feel a HINT of burn. I took Tulsi daily for a little over a year and it's been 5 years heartburn and acid reflux free. I could go on and on about it because it gave me back so much joy in life. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!

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